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The Secret to Take you Into the Perfume Bottle!

The Secret to Take you Into the Perfume Bottle!

Women love perfumes the most, and the design of perfume bottles is also very popular among women. Used perfume bottles are reluctant to throw away and collect them. I believe many women do this, because the bottles are so beautiful. The perfume bottles that everyone sees are basically narrow mouths. The shape design of such perfume bottles actually makes a certain sense. Let me take everyone into the secrets about perfume bottles.

Perfume Bottle

The design of perfume glass bottles generally includes these features:
1. Practicality: Because perfume is volatile, the mouth of the perfume bottle will be smaller, which can make the perfume smell more durable, and it is easier to control the dosage when poured out and avoid waste.
2. Easy to carry: Perfume is a carry-on item, and considering its own fashion nature, perfume packaging must not only be small and convenient, but also delicate and beautiful as a fashion accessory.
3. Ease of operation: The outlet design of the perfume container should enable people to judge how to operate, whether to press or rotate the first time they are used.Now there are generally various methods such as lifting lid type, nozzle type, air bag extrusion type, dumping type, etc., the common ones are nozzle type.
4. Attraction: Combining environmental protection, color, humanities, history and culture and many other aspects of innovative perfume design and packaging, making it a work of art.