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Perfume Glass Bottle of Main Production Materials

Perfume glass bottle of Main Production Materials is mostly made of soda lime glass, and a small number of high-end perfume glass bottles are made of lead crystal glass.

Due to the high price of the relative contents, the material cost of the perfume glass bottle is no longer a factor that designers have to consider.

Modern perfume glass bottle designers pay more attention to the shape, color and decoration of perfume glass bottles, so that perfume consumers will not only “please” but also “please the eyes” in the process of using the product, and achieve practical use. In the effect, there is also the role of decorating the room.

Most of the perfume glass bottles with a wide variety of colors are high white soda lime glass. The glass melting quality of these small bottles is quite high, and there are few bubbles and stones visible to the naked eye.

Of course, the bubbles added as a decorative effect are not among them. In addition to the function of the container, this type of perfume glass bottle can clearly show the color of the perfume, so as to achieve the effect of attracting consumers’ attention.

Perfume Glass Bottle

Because the clear and transparent perfume will remind consumers of high-end, coupled with the fragrance of the favorite varieties of consumers, perfume glass bottle will often stimulate their desire to buy, and the light yellow to slightly green reminds people of nature, which is for modern people who seek to return to nature. In terms of perfume glass bottle, perfume glass bottles are undoubtedly an attractive selling point. Stained glass is also one of the materials for designers to choose.

Designers of perfume glass bottles can almost choose the color of glass from a wide range of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple, depending on their imagination and needs.