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perfume glass bottle of Advantage

Perfume glass bottle of Advantage In addition to the convenience of packaging, what are the advantages of perfume glass bottles?

Let Yunwu explain perfume glass bottle to you today.

perfume glass bottle

Perfume glass bottle of Advantage:

1. Perfume glass bottle is exquisite and the style is high, which is consistent with the perfume consumer price positioning.

2. The sealing performance of the perfume glass bottle is better, which reduces the problem of perfume volatilization.

3. Perfume glass bottles can be packaged with high temperature resistance, and can maintain the stability of the material in high temperature environments, such as in automobiles.

4.Perfume glass bottles has good transparency, no pollution, strong fashion, rich shapes and wide applications, and low cost.

perfume glass bottle

Perfume glass bottles of materials vary greatly, including glass, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic crystal, etc. Secondly, the packaging style of perfume bottles is easy to produce, which will also affect the price. Once again, whether the perfume bottle was designed by a famous architect, or whether the perfume bottle was designed by a well-known architect, or whether it was a matter of age, etc.