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Perfume Glass Bottle Design Suggestions and Precautions

Perfume glass bottle design suggestions and precautions, let Yunwu tell you today.

Perfume Glass Bottle

1. perfume glass bottle Design suggestions

Perfume glass bottle refer to bottles used to package all types of perfumes. The perfume market has always been considered highly profitable, so no matter how much you spend, you are more focused on making perfume glass bottles. Perfume glass bottles have many functions in the perfume market.

(1) Perfume glass bottles are the main element for establishing perfume brands and displaying perfumes. Therefore, perfume glass bottles are necessary to pay attention to the design and production of cosmetic glass bottles.

(2) The packaging of perfume glass bottles is also very important for protecting the safety of perfume and sealing.

(3) The aesthetic design of the perfume glass bottle is also conducive to enhancing the brand image.

Perfume glass bottles

2. What should be paid attention to when designing perfume glass bottles?

(1) The choice of perfume glass bottle materials includes glass, plastic, crystal and various materials.

(2) Choose the style of perfume glass bottle. The design capacity and appearance of the perfume glass bottle should be both beautiful and practical.

(3) The safety and avoidance of breakage of perfume glass bottle.