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Perfume Bottle Thermal Processing Production Process

Perfume Bottle Thermal Processing of Overview:

Perfume bottle thermal processing production process, perfume bottle in addition to cold processing in the deep processing of glass bottles, manufacturers more commonly used thermal processing. Here is a brief introduction to the production process of perfume bottle thermal processing.

Perfume Bottle Thermal Processing Production Process:

1. Compression molding method Injects molten hot glass paste into the engraved pattern mold, which becomes a block and the pattern is also pressed.

2. Sand mold casting. Press the perfume bottles model into moderately deep sand and wet acetylene to prevent the sand mold from collapsing. Put the glass paste into the sand mold and wait for the glass bottle to pack the perfume bottle to cool down. Then take it out and then grind perfume bottles.

3. The torch thermoplastic only uses boron glass or soda glass color rods of various colors. The glass rods used are divided into solid, hollow and wire drawing thermoplastics, which are heated by a small spray gun or torch to stretch, twist, and wire. And other techniques, continuously combined into a shape, suitable for small and delicate perfume bottle related accessories. In addition, it can also be used with colored painting to increase the interest of the perfume bottle.

Perfume Bottle

4. After the dewaxing casting method wraps the glass material and wax mold with refractory gypsum, they are put into the furnace to heat at the same time. And the glass slowly flows into the mold under high temperature to form. And then Perfume bottles are placed in the furnace for dewaxing, and the gypsum is slowly removed. The mold is finished by grinding and planing.

5. The powder casting method fills the glass block and glass powder into the pre-designed perfume bottle model. And puts them in the furnace to heat up and melt into a whole glass work.

6. Perfume bottle blowing, this is a widely used and varied production method. The blowing process refers to the use of a blow tube to take molten glass paste, blow air to form small bubbles, and then use tools to heat the shape, and then use another blow tube to take a small amount of glass as a bridging action, knock down the glass bottle and wait for perfume glass bottles to cool .