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Perfume Bottle of Maintenance Method

Perfume Bottle of Maintenance Method-Perfume bottles are very common in our lives. Usually, the appearance of perfume bottle is very delicate, but after long-term use, some dirt or blemishes will inevitably appear on the outside of perfume bottles, so everyone knows how to clean perfume Bottle? Next, Yunwu will briefly introduce the maintenance methods of perfume bottles.

Perfume Bottle

1. Handle with care and try to avoid the impact of external force on the perfume bottle.

2. When cleaning the perfume bottle, try to use warm water for external rinsing, and use a soft clean towel to dry it.

3. If there are substances that are difficult to clean on the surface of the perfume bottle, a special cleaning agent should be selected to clean the perfume bottle.

Perfume Bottle

The above is the method for maintaining perfume bottles summarized by Yunwu. Not only perfume bottles can be maintained by this method, but also many glass products can be maintained by this method. I believe you will also maintain the glass products after reading it. Generate a certain understanding.