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Perfume Bottle Design Strategy Analysis

Perfume bottle design strategy analysis, because perfume containers do not require a large storage space, the changes in the shape of perfume bottles are the main points of perfume bottles design, which are mainly considered from the following four aspects:

1. Suitable for product use characteristics
The practicability of the packaging container design should be the first consideration when designing. The structure and shape conform to the natural attributes of the contents to be a concrete manifestation of practicability. For example, due to the volatility of perfume, the mouth of the perfume bottle should be smaller, so that the perfume smell can be preserved longer, and perfume bottles are easy to control the dosage when perfume bottle is poured out and used.

2. Adapt to the environment
Packaging container design also needs to consider the specific use location, conditions and perfume bottles relationship with the environment, and endow the packaging container with different characteristics, so that the design can enter the predetermined target market. Perfume is a carry-on item, and considering its own fashion nature, perfume packaging must not only be small and convenient, but also need to be exquisite and beautiful as a fashion accessory.

Perfume Bottle

3. Hints and guidance for operation and use
In addition to fulfilling basic functions, a good packaging container should also have a clear indication function design. Different packaging container shapes should have clear differences. For example, the shape of “pinching” by hand and “grabbing” by hand should not be confused. Through the changes and contrasts of structure, shape, color and texture, the hint and guidance of visual language can be formed. When necessary, some accessories can also be designed to clearly convey the operation mode of the packaging container in its own formal language. For example, the design of the outlet of the perfume container should enable people to judge how to operate it the first time they use it. Whether to press or rotate it, it should give hints and guidance in a clear form and semantics.

4. Aesthetic considerations The above three aspects are all considered from the functional aspects that perfume containers must have, and from the current market, the aesthetic factors of perfume containers far exceed other styling factors. Perfume containers not only exist as a kind of packaging, but have risen to the level of art.

Perfume Bottle

In addition, the design of the perfume container also includes many considerations such as environmental protection, color, humanities, history and culture. In any case, innovative exterior design plays an increasingly important role in the establishment and promotion of perfume brand image. A perfume that is fascinating just by looking at the packaging, its design is based on fashion and innovation. People’s pursuit of fashion and innovation is reflected in all aspects of life, especially in perfume packaging. However, designers can take into account the visual image of the packaging while also taking into account its functionality, so that in addition to visual appeal, the packaging also It is easy to identify, use, grasp and store. Looking at the design of the perfume container, what we pursue is a style that has no time limit, combining simplicity with decoration, convenience and attractiveness, giving the perfume a spiritual and fresh life.

The above are perfume bottles design strategy analysis from the consideration of perfume bottle design. There are many aspects that need to be considered in the process of perfume bottle design, so I won’t introduce them one by one here. Everyone must be good at discovering in daily work and study, and also need to be creatively digging, so as to be able to design attractive perfume bottles, such perfume bottle design is successful.