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New Changes in Perfume Bottle Packaging Concept

Now, with the improvement of people’s living standards, especially the growth of the younger generation,
perfume consumption is gradually accepted by domestic consumers. However, China has a large population and
a more diversified market, showing its own characteristics for perfume consumption and perfume bottle
packaging.In the past, for a long time, domestic perfume bottle packaging manufacturers were export-
oriented, and their product design was based on reference to foreign European and American consumers. Now,
with the rise of the domestic market, it is necessary for our perfume bottle packaging companies to change
some inherent thinking and re-understand and position the domestic market.

Perfume Bottle
First of all, perfume production has a long history, and the high-end and exquisite perfume bottle
packaging that has been formed will become the mainstream of the market in China.This kind of perfume
bottle is mainly made of glass or acrylic, with elegant appearance, regardless of production cost.
Secondly, this is the trend of the future market. As people’s perfume consumption concept matures, those
cheap, high-quality and cheap perfumes will be more favored. This kind of perfume is more affordable in
terms of price, which is also in line with the majority of domestic consumers. The packaging of this type
of perfume bottle is also required to be durable and convenient but low in cost. Therefore, resin perfume
bottles will occupy a large market in the future, which is worth the expectation of our cosmetic bottle
packaging companies.