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How To Use The Aromatherapy Bottle

How To Use The Aromatherapy Bottle:

How to use the aromatherapy bottle, let Yunwu talk about aromatherapy bottle today.

Aromatherapy Bottle

1. Place the funnel on the mouth of the aromatherapy bottle, and inject the essential oils to the height of the bottle about two-thirds of the bottle body.

2. Put the cotton core of the core into the bottle along the mouth of the bottle, and place the core firmly on the mouth of the bottle without exposing the cotton core. (When using Xinruitou for the first time, wait for 30 minutes to inhale the essential oils with Liruitou until it is saturated.)

3. Put on the hollow lid and start enjoying the aroma. If you take a 40 square meter indoor space as a benchmark, you only need to catalyze for 40 minutes, and the aroma effect can last up to 6 hours.

4. After confirming that the aromatherapy bottle and the tabletop are completely free of spilled essential oils, you can ignite the tip, let the flame continue to burn for 2 to 3 minutes, then blow aromatherapy bottle out from the side, so that the aromatherapy bottle will slowly catalyze and release the essential oils without fire. molecular. Do not leave when the flame is burning.

5. When you want to stop using aromatherapy bottle, remove the hollow cover, then close the airtight cover and hollow cover, and store the entire set of aromatherapy bottles and essential oils in a safe place for next use.

Aromatherapy Bottle

Aromatherapy Bottle Precautions:

1. When the core is used for the first time, wait for 30 minutes so that the core can absorb the essential oil and become saturated. You can also put the required essential oil in a measuring cup, soak the vaporized core head in the measuring cup for one minute, and wait until the cotton core is soaked. Pour the essential oil back into the incense bottle for use.

2. If essential oil is spilled on the mouth or body of the bottle, be sure to wipe aromatherapy bottle dry before lighting.