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Fragrance Bottle Design Skills

Fragrance bottle design skills is Fragrance bottle how to improve the packaging value have always been the trend that the entire packaging industry closely follows.

For fragrance bottles, unlike other glass bottle packaging products, fragrance bottles have more to carry the brand culture and connotation of fragrance.

This makes the perfume bottle glass bottle packaging need to consider more elements in the design and production.

Here is a brief introduction to the concepts and techniques of fragrancee bottles packaging design.

Fragrance Bottle

Fragrance Bottle Design Skills:

1.The design of  fragrance bottles should conform to the characteristics of the perfume itself in terms of bottle shape, color, or outer packaging design.

2.The packaging color of the fragrance bottle must reflect the outstanding characteristics that the product wants to express.

3.From the appearance point of view, the design of fragrance bottles has the main design elements of the human body or the graceful curve of the human body.

4.Has fragrance bottles with flowers, plants and trees as the main shapes.

Fragrance Bottle

As for fragrance bottles, with the development of the market, the proportion of design appearance will be further strengthened in the future.

Therefore, for perfume bottle manufacturers, in the future, we should pay more attention to the design ability, only if we can stabilize the design, can we win the opportunity in the future competition.